"Buro Project creates great workplaces where teams connect to get work done. We produce a happy work environment which encourages loyalty and inspiration. We know how to transform your office into a home base which attracts talent, embraces corporate values ​​and as such welcomes customers. Our office design facilitates your workforce to excell and deliver. We believe the joy of working is the key to success. Buro Project makes it happen. "


Buro Project is your partner for office design. We design and realize inspiring office environments where both you and your employees will feel at home. We design the perfect office, tailored to you, your company and your employees. And all of this in the context of the New Way of Working. The way of working and the working environment have changed considerably in a short time. Our focus is on the design of the office environment with an eye for new technologies and functionality. A pleasant work environment contributes to a positive working atmosphere.

Stimulating meeting rooms, sitting areas, multifunctional lounges for lunch and relaxation and flexible ergonomic workspaces, ... to facilitate spontaneous consultation, teambuilding and concentrated work. The current generation of employees decide for themselves which space suits best for the execution of their tasks.

At Buro Project we always start from your wishes and your story. The customer is key and our starting point. We listen to your wishes and think along with you. From this intake we create a creative and functional design tailored to your specific needs and wishes and that of your employees. Thanks to our extensive Backoffice team, we coordinate your project from first call to delivery and assembly. 


Our Concept Place is our showroom, and at the same time our own workplace. Built from an empty space to the place it is today. Located just next to the E40 in Aalst and recognizable by the luminous letters on the building. This is the place where we have applied all facets of the New Way of Working in our own working environment. Playfulness and seriousness combined in one room, different workspaces for different tasks and the latest trends in interior and design. The homely atmosphere ensures that our employees really feel at home.

Come along, we will gladly show you around!


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