Be inspired by our tips and tricks in the field of office spaces.

Office lighting during the winter months.

When designing a new office environment, the importance of correctly adjusted light incidence is often underestimated. Nevertheless, it is a determining factor for the...

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How many square meters of office space do you need?

Renting an office space means investing. Investing a lot, because a good workplace has its price. The better the location, the state and the size of the building, the more...

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Original wall decoration in your office

The fact that decorative prints have made their appearance in the interior world is a consequence of the need for polyvalent office decoration. We no longer want to stick to...

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5 tips to improve the acoustics in the office

Working and concentrating works best in a quiet environment. In large landscape offices it is not always obvious to find that peace and silence. With these five concrete tips...

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A relaxation room at the office: 5 tips

Going to the office today is a completely different experience than ten years ago. Employers not only pay attention to productivity but also pay attention to creativity and...

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Open versus closed meeting rooms: some points of interest

The New Way of Working is primarily associated with open office spaces. Of course, everything revolves around the open space concept, in which flexibility and space sharing...

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